Çukurova University - Adana Vocational School of Higher Education

Çukurova University is situated on 20000 decars of beautiful land on the eastern coast of Seyhan dam lake. The University, only 10 km away from the city centre, is a major one in Turkey with its modern infrastructure and facilities. It is in the top 5 Universities in Turkey and 500 in the World. The University has 16 faculties, 5 Schools of Higher Education, 12 Vocational Schools of Higher Education, 1 State Conservatory, 4 Institutes and 36 Research and Application Centres. 2100 teaching Staff offers education to about 55000 students.
Being the biggest Vocational School of Higher Education of Çukurova University, Adana Vocational School of Higher Education, in Beyazevler Campus, serves about 6000 students in 15 departments of both formal and distance education. It aims to educate well-trained and talented staff in that country needed branches; the interface between engineers and technicians to meet the need for manpower and professional staff, modern and high quality. In the organisation, whose education and training periods lasts for two years, students graduate with the title of technician and professional staff. It promotes training in the departments of Computer Technologies, Electronics and Automation, Electrics and Energy, Technologies of Heating, Cooling and Climatisation Systems, Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production, Nursing and Care Services, Construction, Machine and Metal Technologies, Material Processing and Material, Motor Vehicles and Automotive, Accounting and Tax, Hair Care and Beauty, Travel, Tourism and Entertainment, Textile-Clothing - Shoes and Leather, Food Processing and Wholesale and Retail Departments as formal education and also in the departments of Computer Technologies, Accounting and Tax Applications, Child Development, and Electronical Communication as distance education.

Game Elements

Gamification in learning involves incorporating game elements to motivate learners. Some of these elements include the following:
Immediate feedback ,Fun
“Scaffolded learning" with challenges that increase
Mastery (for example, in the form of leveling up)
Progress indicators (for example, through points/badges/leaderboards, also called PBLs)
Social connection  ,Player control ,Sponsored Content

Benefits to Gamification

Students feel ownership over their learning
More relaxed atmosphere in regard to failure, since learners can simply try again
More fun in the classroom
Learning becomes visible through progress indicators
Students may uncover intrinsic motivation for learning
Students can explore different identities through different avatars/characters
Students often are more comfortable in gaming environments

Gamified Classroom

A classroom that contains some or all of these elements can be considered a “gamified" classroom. The best combinations, the ones that create sustained engagement, consider the unique needs of the learners and do more than just use points and levels to motivate players. The most effective gamification systems make use of other elements such as narrative and connection with fellow players/learners to really capture the learner’s interest.