National Education Directorate ,Çukurova / ADANA

  The National Education Directorate is located in each district, except the central district. The Provincial Directorate of National Education also carries out the central district national education services. According to the characteristics of the Provincial and District National Education Directorates, branches and bureaus consist of permanent commissions and commissions.
• Management Services
• Personnel Services
• Education-Training Services
• Budget-Investment Services
• Research-Planning-Statistical Services
• Inspection-Guidance-Investigation Services
• Civil Defence Services
    The Directorate has many tasks for improving Education, duties for students, monitoring and evaluation studies, Basic Training Services, to fulfil the duties assigned to Ministry of Higher Education in relation to higher education, to cooperate with relevant institutions and organizations on entrance examination for higher education, taking measures to improve the knowledge and skills of individuals who cannot be trained, to develop the possibilities, opportunities, scope and methods of life-long learning, to provide widespread vocational training for adults, to support the learning opportunities and possibilities; Conduct business and operations related to skills and hobby courses and cultural activities, educational and social-cultural activities for young children and their families. Our Directorate is primarily engaged in activities such as education, teaching and project development within the framework of this legislation. Our directorate, Cukurova District Directorate of National Education, is a local authority for national education and training in our district. We are responsible for all kinds of educational activities in our district. There are 230 schools, 3821 staffs and 85820 students in our region. We are in the position of establishing schools, appointing teachers, guiding and inspecting them, doing research on educational issues. We organise in-service trainings for teachers and the school staffs. Our mission is to develop education-teaching process by following modern innovations and advances, by carrying out researches; to improve and to implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of National Education System. Also our organization can organise in-service training courses and seminars, and has teacher trainers to give seminars for school staffs.

Game Elements

Gamification in learning involves incorporating game elements to motivate learners. Some of these elements include the following:
Immediate feedback ,Fun
“Scaffolded learning" with challenges that increase
Mastery (for example, in the form of leveling up)
Progress indicators (for example, through points/badges/leaderboards, also called PBLs)
Social connection  ,Player control ,Sponsored Content

Benefits to Gamification

Students feel ownership over their learning
More relaxed atmosphere in regard to failure, since learners can simply try again
More fun in the classroom
Learning becomes visible through progress indicators
Students may uncover intrinsic motivation for learning
Students can explore different identities through different avatars/characters
Students often are more comfortable in gaming environments

Gamified Classroom

A classroom that contains some or all of these elements can be considered a “gamified" classroom. The best combinations, the ones that create sustained engagement, consider the unique needs of the learners and do more than just use points and levels to motivate players. The most effective gamification systems make use of other elements such as narrative and connection with fellow players/learners to really capture the learner’s interest.