Association is established with the aim of providing mainly Turkish and all societies with life standarts convenient for European Union during the process of European Union membership and after it, and also making necessary contributions to people and organisations to sustain these standards.

The association helps to everybody (first women, youngsters, children, handicapped people) in the society with youth, gender equity, environment, health, human rights (freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion and belief, torture, etc), handicapped rights, children rights, consumer rights, cultural rights, civil rights, social solidarity, fight with all kinds of discrimination, equal opportunities, democracy and well-run government, culture, art, health and social welfare, education, environment, rural development, environment protection and nature protection, urban development and improvement, cultural heritage without considering their religion, language, race, sex, age, group, belief, etnicity, sexual preference, philosophical belief, cult, regional discrimination, and it carries out works on these topics.

Game Elements

Gamification in learning involves incorporating game elements to motivate learners. Some of these elements include the following:
Immediate feedback ,Fun
“Scaffolded learning" with challenges that increase
Mastery (for example, in the form of leveling up)
Progress indicators (for example, through points/badges/leaderboards, also called PBLs)
Social connection  ,Player control ,Sponsored Content

Benefits to Gamification

Students feel ownership over their learning
More relaxed atmosphere in regard to failure, since learners can simply try again
More fun in the classroom
Learning becomes visible through progress indicators
Students may uncover intrinsic motivation for learning
Students can explore different identities through different avatars/characters
Students often are more comfortable in gaming environments

Gamified Classroom

A classroom that contains some or all of these elements can be considered a “gamified" classroom. The best combinations, the ones that create sustained engagement, consider the unique needs of the learners and do more than just use points and levels to motivate players. The most effective gamification systems make use of other elements such as narrative and connection with fellow players/learners to really capture the learner’s interest.